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Title Companies vs Real Estate Attorney

  • Title Companies vs Real Estate Attorney

    This article is all about title companies vs. real estate attorney who should you use if you’re a home seller if you’re going to be selling your home this article for you all right a lot of you may know I moved to Nevada in 2006 and when I moved here from Texas I was only used to title companies actually did mortgage banking in California and in Colorado again just title companies.

    When I moved to Nevada I would say probably 90% of the closings I had used title companies 10% attorneys except when you’re dealing with a bank banks tend to like attorneys not so much anymore they used to but most of them are not using attorneys so I guess just asking me when people ask me sellers or buyers should we use an attorney should we use a title company I

    Title Companies vs Real Estate Attorney

    Title Companies vs Real Estate Attorney

    looking at his attorney is a jack-of-all-trades the attorneys basically gonna do anything for a buck and the attorneys really not doing much of anything title companies vs. real estate attorney they’re simply going to the title company to do everything and they’re getting a title insurance policy they’re not doing all this chain of title research that you may get in other states.

    And most of its just being done by clerical and so the the problem with that is attorneys generally charge very high fees for their services much more than title companies and there are jack-of-all-trades title companies just do title work that’s all they do they’re like a master of one thing.

    So I always stick with title companies I’ve noticed in my experience from working and closing a gazillion deals with buyers and sellers ( title companies vs. real estate attorney ) if there’s ever a problem on the title side of it it’s usually the attorney that’s messing enough I’m not saying all attorneys are like that so if you’re an attorney don’t get upset now it’s just through my experience.

    I’ve noticed that I also get a lot of people coming down to Florida from the East Coast like New York and they love title companies because I ask a lot of them I said well what’s the problem in New York and they say oh it takes forever to close deals there and we everybody uses an attorneys and their fees are a lot so when they get down here and they close they just can’t believe how quick things title companies vs. real estate attorney could close and how smooth it is and if you are using a title company if you are using an attorney more on the attorney get their fees upfront don’t wait until you sit down at the closing table to figure out what they’re gonna be charging you I’ve seen attorneys that just charge charge astronomical fees that I’m just shocked and then it’s pretty much too late if the buyer waits till they get to the closing.

    So I always advise everybody if they are going to use an attorney definitely get the fees upfront most all title companies that I’ve ever run into they’re not there to take advantage of people their fees are pretty fair within the area so I hope this helps. good luck and choose: title companies vs. real estate attorney

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